Soul of Athens is an annual School of Visual Communications multimedia project produced by graduate and undergraduate students at Ohio University. The students are broken into smaller groups to collaborate with each other-journalists, photographers, web developers, editors, and designers-to develop multimedia stories.

Our Stories

Meet the Teams

It's Just Scouting

Evann Figueroa: Project Manager

Elisabeth Rockamore: Developer

Jordan Dixon: Developer

Megan Graff: Designer

Carolyn Rodgers: Content Producer

Raised to be Stoic

Emma Stefanoff: Project Manager

Jessica Koynock: Developer

Emma Steer: Designer

Lenny Soeder: User Testing Specialist

Camille Fine: Photo Producer

Liz Moughon: Video Producer

Yasmeen Ebada: Writer

Charlie Hatcher: Editor

Premature to Prima Donna

Lauren Klintworth: UX Designer

Sarah Whitmore: Developer

Riley Watson: Video Editor, Illustrator


Grace Ziemke: Project Manager

Mackenzie Pippin: Designer

Kati Skon: Developer

Kwame Yeboah: Developer

Tom Burton: Producer, Photographer

Nick Bolin: Videographer

Baxter Turain: Photographer

Past Projects